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Why Personal Training?

1. Motivation

Motivation is often difficult to maintain when you exercise on your own. Regular sessions with one of our personal trainers can help enhance your motivation to continue with a workout regime that can provide structure and accountability and help you develop a lifestyle that encourages you to stay committed.

Your individual personal trainer will help you to develop a more positive attitude, so that you don’t only improve your strength, agility and endurance, you also learn how to develop better mental focus.

2. Education

Train Smart

Through out your training programme, your individual, personal trainer will track your progress and offer expertise including dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Your trainer will help you achieve maximum results in minimum time with a programme designed specifically for you with workouts that use your strengths and improve on your weaknesses that are efficient and effective.

We encourage you to keep a food diary, so that we can constantly assess your current eating patterns. We will then analyse your eating and together we will devise strategies that will enable you to make positive nutritional changes that become habits of a lifetime.

3. Health

We should all be aware of the obesity and heart disease crisis that is gripping our nation. Working with one of our personal trainers to give you the right kind of fitness programme as well as sound nutritional advice can help you to overcome or avoid these health problems altogether by reducing body fat, losing weight and toning up.

Whatever your age or current level of fitness any ability can be catered for.

4. Fun

Exercise should never be a chore, that's why our trainers keep each session varied, enjoyable, challenging but above all FUN and you'll be amazed how quickly you can reach your goals and keep you looking forward to your next session!

5. Results

Whether your training for a sport or event or you have a specific injury or condition or you would just like to lose weight, whatever your goals, we are committed to ensure you achieve them with us, your goals become our goals!

Having a committed personal trainer will help you maximise your time at the gym, giving you faster results!

Initial assessments will be undertaken to identify the most effective programme and ongoing advice, and guidance from your own personal trainer. With a range of fitness classes, for all fitness levels, we really do have something for everyone.

6. Testimonials

Owen - Wolverhampton

I've just completed 10 personal training sessions with Chris at his fabulous gym in Wolverhampton and I have to say its been a complete revelation.

I'd never considered working with a professional trainer until I visited Chris's fabulous facility on Danescourt Road and met the man himself. Chris and his team of top class professional fitness experts / trainers put together bespoke training regimes for their clients based on what the client wants to achieve and their fitness levels / abilities. My 10 sessions with Chris have just been perfectly judged - challenging and interesting and I've completed each session feeling fitter and looking forward to the next. No two sessions have been the same and discovering the benefits of being trained by such someone with such a professional yet friendly approach who is clearly an expert in fitness and health has been nothing short of life changing.

I'm really looking forward to my next 10 sessions and I can't recommend his gym highly enough - whether you choose to work with one of Chris's team on a one to one basis, join in with some of the classes or just use the excellent facilities to do your own thing, you'll be in good hands. For me it's the best investment I've ever made - I'm pushing 50 and never felt better or fitter. Its a great place to train with none of the usual ego's and showboating attitudes that you come across in some of the 'high street' gyms.

Neil Campbell
I had been having Personal Training for some 12 months, but never truly appreciated the importance of them until I was diagnosed with cancer of the colon in August 2014. Surgery in September was followed by a 30 week course of chemotherapy commencing in December.

My physical fitness was vital in the recovery process, and within 3 weeks of leaving hospital, I was back at the gym. Chemotherapy is a debilitating process, but my fitness has enabled me to withstand the side effects, and carry on working out 3/4 days each week.

Would I be where I am today without Personal Training ? Absolutely not ! Personal Training is definitely the underrated wonder drug.

Jane Morris
I’ve found a slimming/fitness panacea at Chris Jewkes Gym - it’s called Ellis Bailey. Forget wasting your money on home exercise machines and fad diets that don’t work. If you want to lose weight and get fit for the long haul, invest in some Personal Training sessions with Ellis. It’s money very well spent!

Ellis’ youth and friendly demeanour belie his ability to push you to a level of strength and fitness that you thought were beyond you. After many years of yo-yo dieting and aborted gym memberships, in just 5 months, Ellis has managed to hit my start button and motivate me to shift 2 stone and gain muscle strength long since gone. I’m literally in the best shape that I’ve been in for years. Something he said to me at one of our first sessions struck a chord - ”It’s not about what you weigh in 2 months. It’s about being fit and healthy and still coming to the gym in eight years”. A true personal training ethos. Obviously, you have to commit your time and effort outside the gym too but Ellis gives you some very simple food guidelines to follow which, combined with exercise, really work if you stick to them. Training with Ellis has totally reignited the pleasure of exercise for me. He would be the first to say that I’m the one who’s done all the hard work in and out of the gym but, somehow, I feel as though Ellis has waved a magic wand…..

The other great experience for me has been the CJ gym itself. I have an aversion to large, impersonal gyms full of lycra and egos. Not something you’ll find at CJ. Because of its focus on personal training, it’s full of real people wanting real results. It sounds clichéd but the staff are genuinely down to earth and friendly, morphing into extreme motivators in some great classes. The CJ gym advert says “Personal Training gets results”. It really does. I’m proof. Don’t think twice. Do it.

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